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DV EasyPrompter Sans Font Download

Can't see mirrored text? You probably need to install our exclusive font!
See below:

EasyPrompter is proud to offer DV EasyPrompter Sans - a custom font, specifically tailored for this teleprompter application.

DV EasyPrompter Sans is a TrueType font based on the Open Source DejaVu font set. What this means, is that it supports almost the whole Unicode range - meaning you can use it in pretty much any language unlike similar offerings that only offer the Latin character set.

If you don't know how to set up a font on your computer, please refer to this helpful guide on dafont.com

If you're already a font ninja, you can just skip that step and go right to the font download below:
NOTE: You may need to restart your browser for the font to be recognized.

Download DV EasyPrompter Sans