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About EasyPrompter - The Story

I wrote this app when I needed a quick and dirty teleprompter for a shoot I was doing. As I continued developing it (after the shoot was ended), I figured others in my shoes may benefit from this as well. There are, of course, other free teleprompters out there and I did get some ideas from Instant Teleprompter.com and Cue Prompter.com (credit where it's due). With that said, I believe that EasyPrompter is superior to those offerings and intend to continue its development as long as there is interest.

About EasyPrompter - The Features

Here are some notable features of EasyPrompter: Looking for more? Want to save your scripts online? Check out EasyPrompter Pro

I hope you enjoy EasyPrompter - The FREE, full-featured, cross-compatible and easiest teleprompter software online! If you have any questions, concerns or feature requests, please email me at info@story-tailors.com

-Michael Drob
Story Tailors Video Productions